Congratulations…you are engaged!

The well wishes are pouring in from friends and family and that is fantastic, but you also overwhelmed with all the questions like when and where the wedding will be. For some couples these questions are not the easiest to answer due to the infinite venue possibilities that are now available. As your wedding planner we are able to assist with every single one of these details if you want us to.
First and most important question is Venue. Is it best to choose the venue after you have your expected number of guests or choose a venue before even sending out your invite list? Choosing the venue might seem like a task consisting only of liking a space or not, but in reality there is way more to consider than that. Also you have to consider how time sensitive this decision is, some establishments book up to two years in advance. So the venue is the first thing to get booked with not necessarily having every other question answered, but with that comes all of the other considerations to take into account. Knowing the logistics is a must.

  • Having an idea of number of guests is a huge factor, how many guests, the time of day, the season, and any special accommodations and activities you want to be a part of your wedding day. You can then cross off alternative venue ideas that may not apply. No firm count is needed to look at venues, but this is one of the first questions you will be asked.
  • Time of year is another factor that affects your choice of venue. Most couples have a good idea of when they want to tie the knot but be sure to consider air conditioning and heating options depending on the season. Is there a back-up plan if it’s an outdoor wedding and it rains on the day? Is the lighting sufficient if it’s an evening ceremony? If you can make a visit to the venue of the time of day you want your ceremony to take place this will give you a better feel of these kinds of things you may want to look at.
  • Is the venue full service or not full service? Full service offers everything from table and chair rentals, linens, catering, bar staff, where not full service venues may just be the actual space and then you have to contract the necessary vendors for every element for the day of your wedding. Some venues may not necessarily do full service but have a list of venue required vendors that they want you to use, so you may be limited in this case especially if you want a style-specific themed wedding. Saying this, deciding on if you want a certain style or theme is another decision that should come early, as that too affects the choice of the wedding venue. It can get very overwhelming in the beginning and we understand!

This is your big day you have been dreaming of for years and you want it to be perfect!

Let us help you make this an easier and way more enjoyable experience.